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We can assist you throughout the entire process. If we don't have what you need, we will find it to give you exactly what you want.

Industries: Film, TV, Advertising, documentary...

We work on fiction


Once upon a time there was a company called "Kurtz Film Solutions" that was known for its passion and skill in making stories come to life on the big screen. Their team was made up of experts in the fields of lighting, camera, grip and logistics who shared a unique vision: the possibility of shooting films in any corner of the world, safely and efficiently.

From the heart of the Basque country, Kurtz Film Solutions" offered filmmakers and directors the opportunity to bring their dreams to reality anywhere on the planet. Their key words were: "The destination doesn't matter, the vision matters."

We work on fiction


With a diverse fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles and specialized equipment, Kurtz Film Solutions ensured safety and efficiency in any environment. From the lively streets of Bilbao to the challenging deserts of Morocco or the icy lands of Iceland, there was no place that Kurtz Film Solutions couldn't transform into a movie set.

Film directors and producers around the world trusted Kurtz Film Solutions to make the impossible possible. Their motto was clear: "If we don't have it, we find it. If it's not standard, we make it." This dedication and ability to adapt earned the company the admiration and respect of the industry.

Every project was a new challenge, and Kurtz Film Solutions prided itself on facing them with passion and determination. Whether recreating a fast-paced action scene in a remote rainforest or filming an emotional scene in a medieval castle, this company was ready for anything.

So no matter where they were in the world, any filmmaker knew that with Kurtz Film Solutions their vision would be realized safely and efficiently. It was a company that demonstrated that the world was its film set and that the possibilities were endless when it came to telling stories on the big screen.

To be continue


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